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Questions & Answers

Windows 8.1 pro high contrast error

Getting Windows 8.1 pro high contrast error message on upgrading to latest version? Find out how you can deal with this error problem from our experts.

Why there is no Windows 9?

Do you like to know why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and launched Windows 10? Follow this thread to learn the reason and also to share your views.

Pros and cons of installing Windows 10 on a PC

Looking for information on the benefits and disadvantages of installing Windows 10 on a PC as opposed to a virtual machine? Understand the pros and cons of installing Windows 10 on your computer.

Windows 10 new features

Want to know what are the new features in Windows 10? Are you searching for official announcements from Microsoft regarding the Windows 10 updates? Follow this thread to learn where to look for latest information on the new Windows release.

How to uninstall Windows 10 preview?

Are you looking for ways to get rid of Windows 10 from your computer and revert to previous version? Follow this thread and find answers from Windows experts.

How to report Windows 10 bugs?

Did you find any bugs in Windows 10? Do you want to report them to Microsoft and help them improve the next generation of Windows? Find out how to report bugs to Microsoft.

Backward compatibility of Windows 10

Want to learn about the backward compatibility of Windows 10? Do you want to know if your Windows 8 apps will work on Windows 10? Find out more in this thread.

How to prevent Windows XP from hacking?

Are you using a Windows XP computer and want to continue using it after Microsoft pull out the customer support? Learn how to safely use Windows XP and prevent from hacking and virus attacks.

What are unnecessary services in windows 7?

Want to disable unnecessary services and features in Windows 7 to get good speed and improve the performance of computer? Get the suitable reply from our techulator experts.

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