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Questions & Answers

What is the difference between RO and UV water purifier?

Are you looking for basic difference between RO and UV water purification process? Want to get some experts’ tips helpful to select the suitable purifier? Here, follow this thread to find out best answers to these questions.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Want to know about the best Robotic vacuum cleaners in India? Our experts will guide you choose the best options in the robotic vacuum cleaners.

What is the function of an online UPS?

Confused about the functionality of an online UPS? Understand from experts what exactly is an online UPS & its utility and how it differs from a UPS inverter.

Brother brand printers feedback

Planning to purchase a printer of the Brother brand? Get expert feedback & reviews on its features right here along with comparisions with other printers.

The best brand Mouse for laptop

Fed up of problematic laptop mouse device? Know from this Ask Expert page which are the best brands and models of mouse ideal for laptop usage.

Mixer Grinder not working what is the problem?

Have you ever faced a problem of your mixer grinder getting heated up due to prolonged operation and stopped working? Do you want to know how much time would it take to repair the mixer grinder and what will be the cost of repairs? Follow this thread and read answers relating to non-working of mixer grinders due to overheating of its motor and its repairs.

The best projector for business presentation

Thinking of buying a projector for business purposes? Our experts will help you select the best one by giving you recommendations on the best inexpensive projectors for business, their features, prices and where to buy them.

How to select capacity of solar panels

Are you thinking of installing a solar power system for the electrical power needs of your house, which is about 1000 watts? Do you want help in selection of solar panels suitable to the requirements of your house? Follow this thread and read expert advice on selection and installation of solar power system, which can supply about 1000 watts of power needed by your house.

Which one is the best CFL lights/lamps?

Are you looking for best brands for best CFL light and lamps? Want to know durable brands for CFL lights and lamps? Get the suitable response from our expert team.

How to select a proper Charge Controller for a Solar System?

Are you thinking of installing a solar power system in your house and want to know about selection of correct charge controller of best rating for installing a solar power system? Read answers by experts about selection of some of the best rated correct charge controllers for installation needs of solar power system in your house.

Points to be noted before buying a air cooler

Are you thinking of buying an air cooler this hot summer? Are you confused which air cooler will suit your needs and which brand of the air coolers is the best to buy? Do you want to have some tips to guide you for buying an air cooler? Follow this thread and read the experts advice giving you some tips before you buy a cooler. Also read about the availability and price deals of several brands of air coolers available in the market.

Can any one tell the list of solar power systems in India

Are you thinking of installing a solar power system in your house? Do you want to know genuine suppliers of solar panels in India? Do you want a comprehensive list of solar panel suppliers in India along with the price for installation of solar panels in your house? Follow this thread and read answers to these and other related questions for installation of solar power system in your house.

Vox Multi-purpose rechargeable pedestal fan - best price and features?

Are you thinking to purchase a multi-purpose rechargeable pedestal fan? And want to know about retailer offering minimum price for the Vox pedestal fan, which supports 9 hours of battery backup and having provision of emergency light? Check out what our experts say about features and performance of this pedestal fan.

Which is the best digital storage Oscilloscope?

Read more to know more about the digital storage oscilloscope, its use and the criteria for choosing the best among the various digital storage oscilloscopes with their features and specifications.

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