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Questions & Answers

Enquiry for Music Systems at 10000 Rupees

Planning to buy a music system within a budget of INR 10k? Get feedback and suggestions from the responses in this thread on which are the best brands and models of music systems in the 10k to 12k range in India.

Turtle Beach Stealth 500x features details and price

Heard about the Turtle Beach Stealth 500x but don't know specific details? Here at get the latest updates on the price and features of Turtle Beach Stealth 500x

Best Car MP3 players below Rs.3000

Looking for MP3 players for your car which cost less than INR3k? Check out the feedback provided here to know the best brands and models of car MP3 players.

Can I get a remote for my Philips Home Theater System

Are you looking for a remote for your Philips Home Theater, which you bought a few years ago? Follow this thread and read answers by experts, who will guide you to know the availability of a Philips remote or some other general purpose remote, which can work with your audio system.

Can we convert MP3 – VCD player to DVD player?

Are you having a MP3 VCD player which you want to convert to a DVD player? Do you want to know if conversion from VCD player to DVD player possible? Follow this thread and read expert answers to know whether a VCD player can be converted to a DVD player, and if so, how it can be done. If not, what is the reason for not being able to convert it.

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