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Questions & Answers

Samsung galaxy F41 restart problem.

Samsung Galaxy F41 not working properly after the expiry of its warranty? Know what might be plaguing your smartphone and how you can fix it.

How to Connect smartphone to dumb screen

Want to connect your smartphone to a monitor or a dumb screen to use your smartphone as a computer with a complete setup of keyboard and mouse? Know if it is possible and if there are any drawbacks to doing this from our experts.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Core 2 to my PC ?

Want to connect Samsung Galaxy Core 2 to your PC and use it as a modem? Read this thread to know the step by step procedure for the same.

What is the shelf life of a new mobile phone battery?

Know what is the shelf life of a new battery of a smartphone. Does it stays brand new if you are not using it and is just kept in storage or does it degrade and becomes unusable? Know the answers from our experts.

My iPhone 6s plus is heating up while talking

If your iPhone 6S plus heating up when talking on a call but works fine when using it with a speaker? Know from our experts what might be wrong with your iPhone and what you can do to fix this.

Can we use a smartphone without battery?

Can you run your smartphone without a battery like you can run a laptop by directly plugging in? Know from our technical experts if it possible and if not, why not?

I want to buy a smartphone in the range of Rs 12000 to 16000

Are you looking for a budget smartphone in India which lets your browse online, using social networks and cellular or VoIP calling? See the suggestions of our members on which smartphone they suggest.

OnePlus 7 smartphone and feedback

OnePlus is soon going to launch OnePlus 7 series. Read what our experts have to say about the smartphone in these series and what all you can expect.

Megapixel in smartphones' camera

Day by day new smartphones are being released in the market with greater camera megapixel strengths. How far will this go, how is the camera performance of these phones and it is the same quality for both video and images? Know all this and more from our experts.

Regarding the Best Smartphone to Buy

Confused over which smartphone to buy which has the best camera, performance, battery life and all other things while giving you the best price? Know the answer to this from our experts.

Realme 5 smartphones and suggestions

Realme 5 is going to come soon to the market. Is it worth buying? What are the features of this smartphone and if there is any better alternative available, know this and more from our experts.

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