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Questions & Answers

Window AC vs Split AC: Which one is better?

Know from our experts which AC is the best for you - Split AC or Window AC. Know the pros and cons of both these Air conditioners and see which you should choose according to your requirements.

Latest Air condition from Samsung

Samsung Electronics India has released few latest Air condition models, are you interested to know more about them? Ask our experts for the detailed information.

Which company's Air Conditioners are best to buy?

Want to know some of the best air conditioners for your need? Then read this ask expert thread to know which company or brand is the best for your need and how are they rated in terms of service and maintenance.

Which is the best and efficient Split A/C

Are you thinking of buying a 1.5 ton split air conditioner for your house? Do you want to know which companys air conditioner is the best to buy in terms of power consumption, price and after sales service etc.? Follow this thread and read advice by our technical experts who will guide you about buying of 1.5 ton split air conditioner with respect to its features and price.

Which is the best air conditioner to buy?

Are you thinking to buy a new Air condition and want to know which one is most suitable in terms of quality, power consumption and maintenance? Check out our experts reviews to get to know about your most suitable AC along with prices.

Do we need to buy an AC or cooler for temperate climate?

Are you thinking of buying an air conditioner or an air cooler for a city like Bengaluru, where the whether is not very hot? Do you want to know whether you should buy an air conditioner or an air cooler? Follow this thread and read experts answers related to the use of an air conditioner vis-a-vis an air cooler. Read information about some of the best coolers and their price and availability in India.

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