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    How to delete my Facebook old messages?

    Want to delete your old messages or conversations in Facebook for security reasons? Learn how to remove the old message from our experts and get rid of problems of securities.

    The problem which I am facing about my Facebook messages, Kindly tell me how to delete my Facebook old messages. I have not logged in my account for long time so I want to delete my all old messages for my personal security. I tried many techniques but didn't succeed in my work. Kindly put the solution of the problem.
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  • You can easily delete all the conversations. Just follow the steps given below:

    1. Click on the message tab near Facebook.
    2. New small window will appear and at the bottom you can see a blue click "See All"
    3. After clicking "See All", All the message will be visible in left side.
    4. After clicking on any particular message the whole conversation will appear in right side.
    5. On top you can see "Actions" button. Click it, you will see the list of actions.
    6. Select the "Delete Conversation" and thus you can delete all conversation one by one.
    7. Your all message can be deleted by this way. For your reference, I'm attaching a image you can refer that.

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  • You can easily delete the old messages easily from your Facebook profile. Follow the steps given below-

    1. First log in to your facebook account.
    2. In the left hand side of facebook, you can see the 'Messages' tab. Open it.
    3. After opening this tab, you will get all the messages you got from your friends.
    4. Just put your cursor on each message and you will see a cross marks that displays 'Archive' at the right side of that message. Click that cross mark. You message will be deleted.
    5. Now delete all the messages one by one in this way.

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  • You can easily delete all the old or new messages of the Facebook just you have to follow some steps. First of all you log in into your Facebook account and go to messages and choose the conversation which you want to delete, there you found a 'action' button on the the top click on that there you found some drop down menus appear from that you have to choose the 'delete messages' (if you want to delete some selected messages) or you choose the 'Delete conversation'(if you want to delete the whole conversation) and thus you can delete all the conversation one by one. By these steps your all conversation or messages can be deleted.

  • To delete old facebook messages first of all go to your message inbox hold down and then swipe the one you want to delete and a delete box will appear. Then delete the messages. Some times you need to refresh this page two or three times for getting the updated message inbox.

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  • There is easiest way to delete your old messages in the Facebook. Follow these steps given below:
  • Sign in to the Facebook by using your e-mail registered with it.

  • Go to the messages and click on the sender name on it

  • If you are using facebook on mobile, just long press on a conversation and you will be given several options in which select delete option

  • Now it will be deleted. Continue this for the messages that you want to delete

  • If you use Facebook on computer, then select the delete option from the drop down menu there. That is all.
  • It is a very simple task to delete the messages of conversation from your facebook account. Here is a list of steps you can follow to delete the messages of a conversation.
  • 1. Go to browser and type

  • 2. Now type your user name and password and click log in button.

  • 3.Now click the messages link which is at the extreme left top of the window (between notifications and friend request link).

  • 4.Now select the person whose conversation message with you, you want to delete.

  • 5.All the messages will appear in the window.

  • 6.Then click the option given above and select delete full conversation.

  • 7.It will delete the whole conversation.
  • As you say you lastly login long days before. First login your account with respective username and password. Try to make your security changes positive as for your convenience. Login and go to the message tab in your account. By clicking the message tab, you will get all the respective messages send by your friends. Select all the messages or respective message which you willing to delete. Then go through the actions to delete all the messages which you selected. The action will be performed. All the messages will be deleted in your account.

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