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    What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

    What exactly is VPN? It is a question asked by many. If you are wondering what is a Virtual Private Network, follow this thread to learn more about it.

    In computers, tablets and Antriod phones an option is available as Virtual Private Network (VPN) under Wireless network menu. What does it mean? How is it working? How can we make use of it in mobile phone? Please clarify these questions. Thanks in advance!
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  • The VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects the data or extend the network to public network like telecommunication, internet etc. One can connect remote network by VPN e.g. computer of main company can be extended or connected to computers of other regional office by VPN via internet.

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  • Hi,
    Virtual Private Network is telecommunication network where you can share data with others. For example, if you are using two computers one in office and one at home and if you want to connect home computer to office then you can use this network and connect easily with your home computer. This network provide a network path when you transfer any file or folder. Team views is the best software of the virtual private network purpose.

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  • When a company's business or services grow world wide, it should provide efficient methods to share information to its clients and employees. So, here comes the VPN(Virtual Private Network) to transfer data in a secure way. This VPN uses virtual connections via internet to reach its employees.
    Prior to VPN there is another technology called 'Leased Lines' where a private network is provided by some ISPs to its customers. This didn't attract users as it is more expensive. VPN provides many benefits for the users. It
    1. Offers highly secure data transfer without using any leased line.
    2. Connections can be extended over countries without any geographical limits.
    3. Data transferred is encrypted and therefore it cannot be read by the hackers.
    4. More advantageous over normal leased line and is more flexible for remote users.
    Mobile VPN is available today in Apple iPhones, Samsung(Android), Lenovo, HTC and some other smart mobiles. To access this mobile VPN, I think you should install Anyconnect application on your device. Any how the below diagram may explain you the working principle of a Virtual Private Network effectively.

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  • VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It extends a private network and the resource contained in the network across public networks like the Internet. It enables a host computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks. It establishes a virtual point-to-point connection through dedicated connections and encryption or the combination of the two. Virtual Private Network can be classified as:
    1. Protocols used to tunnel the traffic.
    2. Levels of security provided.
    3. Tunnel's termination point.
    4. Site-to-site or remote access connectivity.
    5. OSI Layer.
    VPN works on Architecture, Tunneling, Authentication, Encryption, Addressing & Routing, Firewalls, NAT and related information. Mobile VPN is a service provided by PSMail. It is a private networking system that makes the public internet to tunnel traffic secretly and securely from mobile phones or PC's to a computer network. This method allows you to access safely your PSMail and the other Internet resources from a limited or unsecure network connection.
    Currently some of the mobile phones and tablets are supported by VPN are iPhones of version 4 and iPads of version 4, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo are the Androids supported by the VPN.

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