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    How can we use Debit card/ Credit card for online shopping?

    Are you thinking of making your purchases online by using your debit / credit card? Do you want to know the procedure of using your debit or credit card for making an online payment? Do you want to know a credit/ debit card, which is the best for shopping? Is it a secure payment? Follow this thread to know answers to these questions about the use of debit / credit card for online shopping.

    The thread is about our Debit card and credit cards. Now people give preference to Debit cards and Credit cards for shopping. coming to the point, I want to buy some items from online stores. How can we pay by credit card or debit card? Please tell me which debit/ credit is best for shopping? Is it a secure shopping system?
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  • yes it is secure to buy anything wirh debit or credit card.

  • Really online purchasing should be careful one to do because of high risk of loosing your money. Here are simple steps to avoid bad online purchasing experience without prior knowledge. Please be aware of the following things before using your account online.
    1. The first step to do on online purchasing is reliability of the site. How popular the site is for selling products and their products quality.
    2. You can find the quality of the site through the ratings given by the customers to their products. The ratings is clear identification of the products they are disposing. There is chance of selling old goods.
    3. Find if there are complaints for that site in security bureau. One or two complaints are non considerable. But if the number is too much that should be taken seriously before you enter you card details.
    4. Credit cards are better than the debit cards on using online because of chance of wiping of your account before you know about it. The credit cards are better on saving particular amount to the account.
    5. You may know about page encryption. Check the page encryption before entering your card details in any boxes. It is not urgency, the safety is the thing to be consider.
    6. Go to the sellers site directly without any referral sites because of risk of fraudulent activities. The referring through coupons are high risk one for purchasing. So be careful about the deals and discount in unknown sites.
    7. Always use your personal computer instead of using common computers in net centre or library where there is more chance of security breach. It is better to use your home computer for online dealings.
    8. Don't give your birth dates or social security number in the sites who need of it. Be careful on giving such details which may be an alternate route to hack your details.
    9. Every true dealer has their address clearly in their site. So it is good to search for the same and check for the reliability of the address and the site.
    10. The most expected thing to see is the sellers policy in the site. They have separate policy on selling products. All those things should be fully known before going to order the things in that site to avoid getting useless or non fitting things.
    11. They also have privacy policy for the site. Read that too for better purchasing experience in that site. You may get experienced with the online purchasing with repeated using of the same and knowing the different types of fraudulent activities in the online.

  • Yes. You can use your debit card or credit card for purchasing online. Before going to make payment, make sure that the reliability of site, connectivity to the internet, customer rating of the site and other details. Debit card is better than Credit cards in online purchase. You will be redirected to your core banking, when the payment is made. So you do not need to worry about it. Use the proper browser for accessing such sites. Always, use Chrome or Internet Explorer as other browser like opera, UC will lead to connection in error sometimes, and you will be loosing your money and its claim will take usually more times, even permanent loss to you. Follow these tips, and make a secure payment.

    1. Whenever, you want to buy anything online, you have first to select what you need to buy online.

    2. Most of the sellers' websites will provide a "Buy Now" button.

    3. Once you are satisfied with the product, you have to press the "Buy Now" button.

    4. You will be taken to another page, where the price of the article including shipping charges, if any, will be mentioned.

    5. At this stage, you have to enter any gift/discount number

    6. You need to confirm the item you have selected and check up the price details for correctness.

    7. Once you are satisfied, you have to proceed to the payments page.

    8. Some of the websites will ask you to enter CAPTCHA, which is a code displayed as a distorted image to fight spam robots.

    9. You will be asked the mode of payment, whether, it is debit / credit card. Whether you are using a Visa card or a master card etc.

    10. Once on the payments page, you have to give your mailing address, phone number, email id etc. and shipping address. If the shipping address is the same as your mailing address, then you can click on the same as mailing address.

    11. To avoid entering these particulars every time you make a new purchase, you can register your address, phone number etc. permanently with the seller.

    12. Now you have to enter the particulars of your debit / credit card as asked in the dialogue box.

    13. This information will usually include your debit / credit card number, your name as it appears on the card, month and year of expiry of your card and the security code, a 3 digit number at the back of your card.

    14. Now, proceed for making the payment by pressing the make payment now button or next button.

    15. A new page for processing your payment will open. Here you will be asked to give your user name and pass word as provided to you by your card service provider.

    16. Once the payment process starts, you should not close the browser or press back button, otherwise it might result in double payment.

    17. Finally, you will get a message for successful completion of your payment and you will get an email message for the same from your card service provider as well as the seller, so that you can track the the shipment of your order.

    18. Most of the public and private banks offer you the reliable credit / debit card services. Some of the most prominent among them are SBI, American Express, ISICI, IDBI, Citibank and there are many more. I am using SBI credit card for the last several years without any problem

    19. The online payment by debit / credit card is usually secured by Verizon

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  • The most important thing is that, whenever we are using the debit card or credit card for online shopping, we must use the secured internet connection.

    Second important thing is that, never share the card number as well as online security password to any person in any case.

    Third important thing is that, always do the online shopping transaction from Genuine websites as there are so many spam and fake websites active over internet and you may lost your money as well as online payment security.

  • Nowadays buying things from online shopping is become normal and we can use our Debit or Credit card for online shopping, only one thing is to be careful on input of your Card number, Password, VNC number and so on with genuine sites.

    Make sure you purchase from reputed online shopping website like Snapdeal, Flipkart, eBay, Rediffshopping and so on. Do not fall prey in any unknown or unfamiliar site by providing your Debit / Credit card detail and personal info.

    I used to use Debit / Credit card through particular bank's association sites which is very helpful to buy or pay the bill etc. since Bank authorized those sites and direct the link to do so with further instruction, thus we are 100% secure with the online supervision of Bank.


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