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    How to upgrade from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0?

    Are you looking for up-gradation from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 and want to know the process for it? Review the answer given by experts.

    Hello experts,

    My friend recently bought Karbonn A1+ having the Android OS of version 2.3. He now wants to upgrade it to the version 4.0 because this version supports a lot of apps and games available in the market.

    Can anyone please describe the procedure to upgrade from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0, if possible.

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  • You can only upgrade to a higher version of Android if your phone supports the upgrade. You can upgrade your phone by following the steps given below:
    1. go to settings-> About Device -> Software Update

    2. Select Update

    3. It asks "check for software update"

    4. press OK

    5. wait for device to connect to server

    6. It will ask "download new update"

    7. select download

    8. wait for download

    9. Select install

    10. wait for install to complete

    11. after install it will give message "Device successfully updated"

    Now your device is upgraded to Android 4.0. I am attaching the photos of each step in the form of rar file for your help. Download the photos and see each step. If any problem persists then feel free to contact me.


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  • Hi Syed,
    It is very simple. First enable your data connection, then go to software update in your mobile settings. There you can update your mobile operating system. You can upgrade from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0.

  • It is very simple to upgrade your Android device software.You can do it yourself. but it is quiet risky.
    If you are upgrading the phone software from your device itself, there may be a chance to failure because of bad network. it may affect your device and may leads lose your personal data.
    So i recommend you to contact your nearest mobile service center if you cannot do it yourself. It will be safe.
    Otherwise watch some youtube videos of upgradation. It may help you.

  • According to my experience you should not upgrade your Android version because sometimes it has a very bad affect on the chip-set of Smart phones. One of my friend recently upgraded his Samsung Galaxy y android version and found that his mobile after running for hardly 1 or 2 hours suddenly stopped working and eventually its motherboard got damaged.
    It is a matter to think that why engineers provide a default Android versions to several Smart phones. It is done because some Smart phones have the ability to run Android "ice cream sandwich" version while others could rely only upon "ginger bread" version.
    Hope you would understand this issue.

  • Of course, you can always at liberty to upgrade from the lower version to higher version of Android. However the newer versions are developed for devices which have better hardware features. It is similar to installing Windows 7 on a PC that is already running Windows XP. But the main thing to ensure is whether your hardware supports the new version or not. Of course, higher version of Android supports more and better applications. But you have to ensure whether the hardware of your old device is compatible with the newer apps.

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  • Hello Syed,
    I'm sorry to inform you that, there is no official ICS update for Karbonn A1+. The problem here is the RAM which is just 256MB, and ICS eats away the RAM, so a minimum of 512MB RAM should be there for your device to update. But its left upto you to root and install unofficial ROM by which you'll also lose your warranty. Again, the phone might be having trouble to run ICS, as even phones with 512MB RAM are usually laggy. Hope this helped you.

  • Hi,
    As far as my knowledge is concerned ICS(Android 4.0) has not been Officially given for your phone. If you are really interested you can definitely go for cynogen mode. But I would recommend you to go for it only after your warranty Period is over. And with 256 MB RAM I recommend you not to upgrade it to ICS or else it will start hanging a lot.



  • Yes, Karbonn A1+ Smartphone can be upgraded from Android 2.3 OS (old version) to a newer version Android 4.0. The thing is your device is compatible for Android upgradation. Just follow the simple steps that are already given above by few members.


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