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    Is there any SEO issues if I have same content in multiple languages

    Are you afraid of posting same content in multiple language and is it against Google policy? Is it possible to do it and is it allowed? Learn more about it.

    If I have the same content in multiple languages, is it considered as duplicate content? I am thinking about Google translate tool and make different versions of my articles in various languages. Is there any SEO issues? Will Google penalise such content?

    Please advise.
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  • If you are dealing with any ad networks like Google adsense. Their system may monitor your content as copied content.If you have more than one website in different language of same content. It is better to use different language based sub domains infront of your main domain name.
    Otherwise you can go for a different ad network from Google adsense, such as chitika advertisement, adbrite etc.

  • There is a resource about this problem in this site. I think it may help you.

  • Hi Hina,
    You should not use same content in multiple languages. It will be considered as copy paste contents. It was strictly prohibited in all the sites. Google has ordered not to do such kind of activities in any of sites. So you dont even think to try this.

  • As per the system if you are using google translate to translate a single story to the multiple language, it is copies of the story

    For example if you are saying I love you in English and translate it in Bengali Aami tomake bhalo bhashi it's a translation of the sentence not a different thing

  • According to me:
    As long as you do a quality work and manual translation of the content, you can have same content in multiple languages. It will be definitely considered as duplicate content by Google and other search engines, but duplicate content is not always a sin. By providing the same content in different languages, you are definitely adding value to the web and Google respects that.
    What matters most is, whether you are breaking the rules or not. If you are breaking the rules and finding ways to hide the duplicate content from Google, you are always at the risk of getting penalised when you are caught.
    For more information regarding this issue go to the following URL:

  • Translations are considered copies of the original work and might involve penalty if found out. A translator must have permission from the original author to translate the work.

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  • Google translate feature recognizes the content of each site though they are in a different languages, it is better to be safer side than inviting trouble for similar content in various sites of your own. You can present the content in a different style though topic can be same.

    I would suggest you to avoid similar content in a different language though different domain. Google may detect the several sites when DMCA issue comes from any Webmaster for similar topic - possible that search engine can show your domain as well.


  • As long as you manually translate the content in to different languages, you are fine and will not have any SEO issues. But if you use automated systems to translate to make multiple copies of same content in different languages, you could get in to search engine penalties. Read more about penalties for having same content in different languages.

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