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    How does wireless mouse and keyboard work?

    Are you thinking of using a wireless mouse or keyboard for your desktop or laptop? Do you want to know how these work? Follow this thread and read answers to these and other related questions about the working of wireless mouse and keyboard.

    I want to know the the working principle based on which wireless mouse and keyboard works. What are the technological changes with respect to wired USB or PS2 mouse and keyboard in wireless version of mouse and keyboard? What factors to be considered while buying wireless keyboard and mouse?
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  • When you buy a wireless mouse, it will not straightway start working. Open the cover of your mouse by pressing a small lever below it. You will find a place to insert a battery. You will also find a very small dongle or a USB device, which you have to take out and insert it to the USB port of your desktop or laptop. The mouse is supplied with a Bluetooth transmitter and on the other end the USB dongle or device has a Bluetooth receiver. You need to supply power to the Bluetooth transmitter in your mouse. For this you have to insert a single AA battery or a pair of batteries as the case may be. Now when you move the mouse around, it would transmit signals which are enabled by Bluetooth radio signals technology and for this you won't need a wire. Bluetooth technology enables the signals to travel only a few feet. You can use a wireless mouse for a few weeks after which you need to change the batteries to make it function. However, when you have a Bluetooth built in your desktop or laptop, you will not be required to use an external dongle or USB device.

    Most of the keyboards used to work by wire with a five-pin serial connection attached to a serial port of a computer. The later technology introduced USB cables which were attached to keyboard on one side and the USB port of the computer on the other side. Now, we also find keyboards without wires and wonder how they work. We know that a wireless keyboard is powered by battery. Like the mouse discussed above, a wireless keyboard also comes with a USB dongle or device which is inserted in the USB port of the computer. The dongle or the device functions as radio frequency (RF) receiver. It receives the radio signals sent from keyboard when we press any key of the keyboard and passes on to the computer's CPU. If you have a desktop or laptop with built-in Bluetooth, there is no necessity of the dongle to be attached to the USB port of your computer. The ability to translate commands from the mouse or a keyboard or from any other Bluetooth device is provided by the operating systems like Microsoft Windows running on your computer or laptop. However, you can work with a wireless keyboard or a mouse only up to a few feet. The signals drop as the distance is increased between the mouse or keyboard and the receiver. The other disadvantage of RF keyboards and mice is that there can be interference from other wireless devices in the close proximity.

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