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    Why My GX280 desktop PC fan creating noise?

    Have you ever faced a problem with your desktop processor fan? Did you find it making a lot of noise? To know solution to this problem, follow this thread and read the answers from experts about the problems which the processor fans can create in your computer.

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    The problem which is I am facing about my computer, In these days the normal room temperature is 28C but my computer processor fan is very high, when I start browsing on the Internet then it fan speed continuous increasing. kindly tel me what is a problem with my processor fan and how can I decrease this noise?
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  • You can solve this problem by the following ways -

    1) If your computer processor fan has very high speed and makes loud noise while using different applications then there are many reasons for this.

    2) But if your processor fan creates a loud noise in very short period of time then the reason behind is that your fan vents are dirty and it may clogged and/or the fins of the CPU cooler are clogged.

    3) It means that your processor fan has low air flow that makes the components of your PC heat up very easily.

    4) You can solve this problem by opening the box of your computer processor fan.

    5) So you need to open the fan box, so turn it off and take a small brush from which you can clean it easily.

    6) Clean the following parts thoroughly - Blades, fins, vents and all.

    7) Remember that while cleaning you should not allow the fingers and brush to spin the blade.

    8) Clean it carefully and then put or fit the fan again on its place.

    9) Now again try, I hope that your problem will solve and the fan will not make loud noise.

    10) If not, then it also possible that your processor fan is old so you can buy a new one from the computer shop.

    11) By following the above steps, you may overcome from this problem.

  • In most of the cases the computer fans become noisy once they become old and worn out. Check up if some of the screws have become loose. If the cleaning process of your computer CPU fan does not work, the only alternative left for you is to replaced the old fan with a new fan. It is going to cost you much.

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