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    How to stop spam Emails hitting my Inbox?

    Are you worried about spam mails filling your mail box? Do you want to get rid of the spam mails and want to know some procedure to stop spam mails entering your mail box? Follow this thread to read the answers given by experts about the spam emails and how to prevent spam mails from entering your box?

    E-mails are widely used for communications today. Everybody knows its usage. When I check my inbox at gmail, a lot spam Emails there. I would like to stop these mails hitting my inbox. What can I do? how to stop this? Can you anybody give me a solution?
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  • It is simple. You can easily restrict the spam email by pressing 'spam' button provided in Gmail and other email services. You need to select the message or open that email and press 'Spam' button to make Gmail to note that message is suspicious. Once you press the Spam for a message, the email id of that message will be blocked from that time. Email service then directly move it to spam folder automatically.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • There are seven steps to stop spam messages as follows,

    1. Carefully look through the content of the email you received starting from the name where the name is not recognizable, subject as want to date and so, time in midnights and the link with jumble letters.

    2. Don't post your emails anywhere along the doubtful sites to prevent the spam messages where they want to advertise their products through the email to you and track your contacts.

    3. There are certain sites to spam which should be minded carefully before submitting your emails

    4. There are tools to block the spam where they filter the spam once you entered as the email as spam as a business

    5. You can complain the mail as spam to the government site

    6. You can select disposable account in case of doubtful sites.

    7. Don't try to click the wiki links where they brought multiple spams.

    8. Simply choose the mail as the spam which will move the mails from that address to spam folder.

  • There are tens steps to stop unwanted spam emails -

    1)Do not read and open the unwanted spam mails in your inbox because it may carry advertisements, worms and my be other malicious programs.

    2) Many spam mails contains worms and other virus so try the use of spam filter of your email box.

    3) To stop the spam, your antivirus should be powerful that has the ability to check the mail inbox and should alerts you if any malicious programs are inside the spam.

    4) Never enter your email address to unknown and unreliable website and also don't give your email address to unknown persons.

    5)Delete the spam mails without reading it because it may carry advertisements and worms that may slow your computer.

    6) You can stop the unwanted spam mails by complaining to the email provider service or any authorized website.

    7) Mainly the spams mails contains the advertisements of the products.

    8) Generally, spam mails hits the spam folder of your email service. So you can delete the spam mails from the spam folder.

    9) Use the email scan of your antivirus program that need to run in the background all the times when you connect to internet.

    10) By following the above steps, you can stop the spam mails and can safe your computer from spam.

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