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    How does remote control of a TV work?

    Do you want to know how a remote control of your TV works? Do you want to know the scientific principle on which a TV remote control work? You also may be interested in knowing about changes in the remote control technologies which must have taken place and also may want to know how a TV remote control used for one TV may also work for other TVs. Follow this thread and read answers given by our experts to make yourself aware about the technologies that make your TV remote control work.

    We use the TV remove control to change the settings, change in volume and channels and many more. I want to know based on which scientific principle TV remote works? How does it detect the right command? What are the latest changes in TV remote technologies nowadays? Why some TV remotes can also work for other TVs?
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  • Almost all of us from the young child to an old person use the TV remote control a number of times during a day, but only a few of us will think of how this small device in your hands works just when you press a button. Those of who desire to know how this device works, here is the answer for them.

    Have you ever removed the back cover of your remote control? Those who have done it, they must have found a printed circuit board, the electronic parts of which are connected to the battery contacts which you in your remote. The circuit which you see printed under the back cover of your TV remote is known as integrated circuit. It is also called a chip in a commonly spoken language. You also must have heard of certain terms like radio waves, microwaves, X-rays and infrared which are part of an electromagnetic spectrum. Here we are concerned with infrared rays which light signals which move in the form of waves to your TV from your TV remote control when you press a button on the remote. Have you noticed, that these waves cannot reach the TV if you stand in between your TV sensor and your remote device? The pressing of the button on the remote translates your action into infrared light signals which are received by your TV and will not work if you obstruct these signals to reach the point of their destination on your TV. This happens because the infrared rays travel in straight line and cannot pass through an obstruction. The integrated circuit or chip of your remote is packaged in an 18 pin dual inline package also called DIP. To the right of this chip, you will find a diode, a transistor in black colour with three leads, a yellow coloured resonator, two green coloured resistors, and a capacitor of dark blue colour. Again, you will find a green coloured resistor and capacitor next to the battery contacts of your TV remote. The integrated circuit starts its function when a button on the TV remote is pressed. Your pressing of the button on the remote is detected by the chip and it translates it into a sequence like morse code. The circuit is so constructed so as to create a different sequence for different buttons on your TV remote. The chip then sends the signal out to the transistor to amplify the signal that finally is transmitted to your TV making it to work.

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  • We are using Remote control to TV for changing from one channel into other. Actually TV remote works on the principle of Infra-Red waves. The press made by you is translated into IR wave to give the signal to the sensor placed in the TV. This process is carried through the a PCB which has the necessary components such as Chip, Diodes, Transistors, Resistors, Resonators and so on. Power is given to the circuit using battery. When you press the button in the remote, The pressing is sensed by the main chip which creates some morse code and tranfers the code to the transistor. This transistor amplifies the signal and send out it the sensor of the TV. That is all.

  • In a TV remote control, the light we see is a part of the Electromagnetic spectrum. The radio waves, microwaves and X-rays are the part of it. There is also infrared as a part in it. Infrared is a kind of energy that moves in waves. Infrared waves are not visible for bare eyes. Even radio, microwaves and X-rays. Infrared waves act in the same ways that light does. Infrared is reflected, or bounces off, light things better than dark things. It is absorbed by dark things better than by light things. Light travels in a straight line and so do infrared waves.

    The TV remote sends out a beam of infrared waves. It sends out different codes for different commands. It receives the beam. A microchip inside the TV READS the beam, much like the human brain, READS the signals sent to it by the eyes. The microchip tells the TV what it should want to do. The remote can tell it to turn the volume up or down or even change the channels. Remotes can send messages to the TV in a straight line. It can't use the remote in another room and get the TV to do what the control want to do. It can't stand between a person using the remote and the TV. It must point the remote at the TV and not be too far away. It must not block the infrared beam.

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