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  • Looking for a positive answer to a question about pda spy

    Are you looking for a solution to a problem if someone has installed pdaspy on your cellhone and you want to know if he will be able to steal the information hidden in a private text / call log vault or app? Do you want to know if you can block the access of the person to content of your cellphone? Read the answers of experts here to get a solution to your problem.

    If someone has installed pdaspy on your cell phone are they able to get the messages/ call logs that are hidden in a private text/call log vault or app? Or is there anyway to block out content that the person may have access to? Please help me answer this question cause I have been searching for a answer for three days no and habent had any luck.
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  • First thing one has to understand about PDASPY application is that it has to be installed and set up in the device where you are going to spy. I am sure you will be aware of this. Secondly they say that it gives data of sms and call logs. For this is happen there need to be continuous internet facility and these data's will be sent only via internet. So once the data connection is lost or stopped there is no access to the calls or sms. This also includes for example if a person switched of data in his mobile for an hour, in this mean time makes call and receives sms, finally deletes it and switches on the internet facility again. So no activity is received from that cell phone. Finally, for tracking the mobile location you need GPS working continuously. Whether we are getting GPS signal everywhere in India? If you need to track a person via GPS, Samsung dive itself ca help you.
    From my experience it has very big loop holes and tracking is possible only if the person who used the mobile doesn't have any idea of GPRS or GPS working in the mobile.

    Ganesh Babu.S

  • I don't think the response given above answers the query as it explains about the PDASPY application, but it does not give an answer to what has been asked: Or is there anyway to block out content that the person may have access to?

    The answer is that it may be possible. I cannot for sure give a firm Yes or No, as the person spying on your PDA may be some really savvy person who knows all the tricks of the trade!

    Nevertheless, you could try out the following:
    1. Remove personal data
    First and foremost if you suspect a spyware has taken root in your PDA, you should right away remove any sensitive data, such as credit card information, PIN numbers, passwords, important documents, etc. At least then the person who has managed to install the spyware will not be able to create havoc in your life with access to, and ability to use, all this data at will.

    2.PDA Anti-virus software for better security
    People generally spend a lot on installing anti-virus software on their laptops and desktops, even on PC tablets, but don't think it even necessary to install it on other devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. Do look around the Net for reputed sources which provide such software and install it right away. It is also important that you get a software application which you can set for what is called real time. This will ensure that, while working, in case something creeps into your system, it gets checked out right away.

    3. Install free spyware removal tools
    A PDA anti-virus application may not really be useful on a long-term basis. It could temporarily block out something more from intruding into your PDA, but it is unlikely to be able to remove the spyware as such. For this, you need to install a special spyware removal tool. Now the scary part here is that I have heard that so-called anti-spyware tools are actually just the opposite - they themselves are spyware which get access to your data! Don't worry, though. What you have to do is check out user reviews of the anti-spyware tool before you actually install it. You could do this on the Net or ask some geek friends for advise. Your selection should be a well-known reputed tool.

    You could check out this site which I came across to compare anti-spyware tools:

    4. Be safe rather than sorry!
    Finally, I suggest that:
    (a) Once every 15 days or so, scan your PDA with the right anti-spyware tool for any intrusions.
    (b) Don't be forgetful and leave your PDA unattended anywhere in public places.
    (c) Don't be too trusting & avoid lending your PDA to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    I am not a tech geek, but hope these suggestions help!


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