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    How to deal with own clicks on Google Ads?

    Are you looking for a solution to deal with your own clicks on Google Ads which happened to be clicked from your own IP Address after you found this when you checked the stats in your StatCounter? Do you want to know if it will be viewed seriously by Google and do you want to know the action required to be taken if you find your own clicks on your Google Ads? Follow this thread and read the answers by the experts to know all about your questions.

    Today when I happen to check the stats in StatCounter, I was surprised to see two Ad Sense clicks from my own IP address. I am sure that I did not click on any of the ads of my blog, but this is being displayed in the StatCounter. Will this be taken seriously by the Google? Do I need to inform the Google Ad Sense about this and consider this as an invalid click? Or do I need to just ignore? Kindly give your expert experienced suggestion on this issue and help me solve my problem.
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  • Do not worry about it. If it is done by wrong intention like click bombing by others or by oneself. One need not worry about disapproval of Google AdSense. You can read this article about tips to keep your Google AdSense in approved status or in good standing. By reading the article, you'll come to know everything. If Google sees this small act as illegal, Google never finds a single approved account. But this does not mean that we should click on our own ads in our site for few times. Google is very smart in detecting the fraud clicks. So, never play with Google.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Here you are telling that you have not clicked Google Ads but there are two clicks found through your IP Address as per statcounter. Nothing to worry on this, sometime or rare it happens - make sure that your IP address is using or your system is using by others in your family or friend circle. Keep on track this activity plus statcounter similar case, if it continues you may then notify Google about it at relevant Google links.

    Rare or unknown or by incident if you click one or two ads then no issue, you can inform Google if you wish but do not click on your own pages Google ads often which can raise issue of your Adsense account for invalid clicks.


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