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    How to solve problem of 'kill page' message in Google Chrome?

    Want to know why 'kill pages' dialogue box appears in Google Chrome and also the reason behind it? Know the right cause from experts answers.

    Usually when I log in to through my Google Chrome browser. After typing user id in the box, I have to wait for a few minutes because a message with "kill page" start getting displayed and then disappears after a few seconds. Does someone know why this message appear? Does this message is peculiar to the browser Google Chrome or will it appear with other browsers too? Is there a solution to solve this problem?
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    Hello sir,

    This is a common problem faced by the almost everyone who uses the latest version of Chrome as there are some minor bugs which need to be fixed. I am also facing this problem since I downloaded the latest version of the Google Chrome. For the solution of this problem, I surfed the whole internet and in one of the forums, I read that this version of Chrome contains some unfixed bugs.

    So, I suggest to use a previous version of this browser and if the problem is not still solved then you must switch to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox as this problem is faced specially is Chrome only.

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    Sukhdev Ji,
    This is a common problem with all the browsers mainly Google Chrome. But this problem is not limited only to Google Chrome, this happens with every browser. There are many things on which this problem depends.
    1. It sometimes happens because of slow internet connection. If your internet connection is slow and you have opened many tabs simultaneously then your browser will stop working and give an error message like "kill page or wait for sometime".

    2. This can also happen if there is some process going on in your computer and you are surfing internet through browser. If this happen then our CPU and RAM usage increases and our browser is stopped for some time and it gives the same message "kill page or wait for sometime".

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    Hi Sukhdev,
    This problem happens due to more number of tabs opened in a browser. Even slow internet connection gives more problem. More tabs gives slower performance for the browser. Fetching data will get reduce so that the webpage will not respond. So 'kill page' occurs.

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    The following are the steps to solve problem of "kill page" message in Google Chrome:
    1. First of all clear the cache and cookies in your browser.
    2. Now, right click on the Google Chrome icon and click on properties and add " --no-sandbox" to the end of Target where the default statement ends.
    Note: You need to put a space between apostrophe and the two dashes.
    3. If the problem still persists then it is recommended to run a full system scan using "quick heal antivirus".
    4. If you have quick heal antivirus then open it and go to tools then select "launch anti-malware" which would help you to clean any traces of malwares in your system.
    5. Again open "quick heal antivirus" and go to tools then select "track cleaner" which would clean your internet activity and registry traces.
    6. If the problem still persists then it is recommended to uninstall Google chrome and install it again or you could check for any latest updates.
    Hope this would help you to a great extent.

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