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    How to make my WordPress blog popular and get maximum visits?

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    I have created a blog site on WordPress. Even I have started writing blogs on it. Now I want to make my blog popular, so that I can get maximum visits to my blog site. I know that Facebook and Twitter are the two ways to make my blog popular and I have already started sharing on it. Other than this, what are the other ways to make my blog popular?
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  • It's good that you have a blog and want to make it popular. Well, what you can do is spread the word about your blog through your friends and the social networking sites.
    But remember, there has to be good quality content on your blog. Keep posting regularly to your blog. If you don't post enough content and just try to spam facebook pages with links to your blog, it's not going to help. People might visit your blog but if they find nothing interesting in it, they probably won't visit again. Try to post content that will interest your target audience so they would bookmark your blog, revisit and tell their friends about how wonderful your blog is. That will make your blog popular and bring you more traffic. If you are posting good quality content and getting decent traffic, you should do these things:

    1 Apply for Google Adwords program. It's a wonderful solution for getting more visibility and of course more traffic. You pay some money to Google and they will show your ads in search results and other related websites who have applied for adsense.

    2. Create a facebook page for your blog and apply for facebook ads which will also cost you some money.

  • Don't take steps to make your website popular before posting atleast 50 articles. If you are a amateur blogger, first concentrate to post quality articles. After posting 50 + articles you can surely get some decent traffic. Set you target as 100 visitors per day. When you reach your target take steps to make your blog popular.

    If you try to make your blog popular before posting enough articles to your blog you will lose consistency and visitors. Just imagine that you are opening a shop and your shop has got no products and simultaneous your shop will be marked as useless. Blogging is similar to it, make popular by quality articles and you will gain unique visitors.

    After fetching decent traffic just with your organic content start Facebook page, G+ page etc. Regularly update on those pages. There are many bookmark sites like Reddit, indli, Stumble etc.

    You can use Yahoo Answers to promote your site. For example: You have written an article about "What is LED?", there might be some users who asked the same question in Yahoo Answers, there you can explain something about LED and put your website as reference.

    Use Facebook groups to promote your blog. Usually some users may ask questions in FB groups and there you can submit your link as reference. Don't spam by posting your link to unrelated question.

    My advice is concentrate only on post. Don't rely on useless tricks. If you are providing good contents to your audience you can surely get high traffic plus popularity.

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