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    How to end an unresponsive task/program in windows 7 without using the task manager?

    Looking for way to kill/stop the unresponsive program/task without using the task manager? Get the solution here.

    Dear member,

    As everyone knows that when a program shows a message, "not responding", we immediately prefer to use the task manager from the task bar or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and then try to end the task. But some of the programs are so unresponsive that one could not even open the task manager to kill those unresponsive tasks. This is the most awkward moment while using the PC and doing some important work. Sometimes, the whole computer gets hanged up by the faulty programs due to their unresponsive nature and leaves us with no other option than to shutdown the PC abnormally.

    So, can anyone please tell me that is there any method to kill/stop the unresponsive program/task without using the task manager to prevent the computer from abnormal shutdowns?
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  • Here are some best steps by which you can end an unresponsive program in windows 7 without using the task manager.
    1. Have a simple right click on the desktop and choose New > Shortcut
    2. A dialog box will appear before you. In that very dialog box (that appears) just type the following (as the location of the item):

    taskkill.exe /f /fi "status eq not responding"

    3. Now, hit Continue.
    4. Give it a name of your choice.

    Fore example: "TheBad"

    5. Now, hit Finish to have that shortcut.
    6. Just wait for a moment to start "Not Responding" and let loose that program. Have fun!

  • This type of frozen or non-responsive programmes is usually experienced by users of Windows operating system. Sometimes it is one or two programmes not responding and at times the entire computers get frozen or unresponsive. Since, you already know what to do in case of Windows XP; I will concentrate on what you should do in Window 7 if you face this problem. But you must understand that some of the programmes take quite long even from 10-20 minutes to close. So patience is the answer to that. Be patient and let the Windows close the programme. Do not immediately use the power switch off operation as it will harm your computer and even some of the data might also be lost. So, next time your computer becomes unresponsive, it shows that some of the programmes are not letting it work normally. So, we must wait for the programme to close.

    Sometimes when the programme does not close, we have to try to force it to close. In Windows 7, you have to right click on then 'close Window'. In Windows XP, you press the Ctrl, Alt, Delete to get the Task Manager, but if you press these keys in Windows 7, you will get an intermediate screen where you can click on the tab 'Start Task Manager' to open the Task Manager. In case you want to skip the intermediate screen, then you should press Ctrl, Shft and Esc keys together to start the Task Manager. In the Windows Task Manager, select the Applications Tab and under the Tasks scroll down the list of running programmes to find the programme you want to stop and then click on End Task which you will find at the bottom of the window. Now give enough time for the programme to stop. The rest of the procedure is the same as for Windows XP.

    In case your programme is frozen and your mouse also stops functioning, then use the Windows Start Key in between the Ctrl and Alt at the bottom left of your keyboard. In the Windows XP you have to use the arrow key to get to the Run command which can be found on the right side of the start menu. Then you have to type the 'Taskmgr.exe' in the run command to open Task Manager. However, in the Windows 7, it is quite easy. You have to just press the Windows key on your keyboard and you would see the cursor at the bottom of the PopUp menu that opens. Type Taskmgr.exe in this text box and press Enter key to open the Task Manager.

    If all these procedures do not work, then only use the last option of restarting your computer to fix the problem.

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  • Hi Muntasir,
    It was a good response from you. But there was some other problem we will be facing while not responding. Sometimes in this situation we cant able to right click on the page and do the respective actions which you have mentioned above. If you right click also there will be no response from the system. In that situation how could come out from the problem. If you know suggest me.

  • @ Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi: I am going to tell you a simple tip:
    1. If Ctrl+Alt+Del does not work in bringing up task manager then press Ctrl+Shift+Esc which is an alternative for bringing task manager.
    2. If this trick does not work then you have to first abnormally shut down your PC.
    3. Now go to "Run" and type "msconfig" to bring up a dialog box there go to "services" and disable all unnecessary services.
    4. Similarly you could find a tab named "start up" next to "services", there disable all services except your antivirus.
    I hope this would help you to a great extent.

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