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    How to disable all extensions temporarily on the Google chrome browser?

    Browser extensions can consume a lot of memory and slow down your browsing experience. Learn how to temporarily disable the extensions on the Google Chrome browsers.

    I use Google chrome as my default browser and have many plug-ins or extensions installed within the browser. Every time I open chrome, all the extensions start along with that. Sometimes, I dont require any of the extensions to be running. It makes use of a lot of memory and hence cause it to slow down after a period of browsing. I tried to disable all extensions, but I got to do that by clicking manually on each extension. Is their anyway where I can disable all the extensions (temporarily) with a single click? There must be some plugin to disable all extensions, I guess! Please share your experiences.
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  • Dear member, you can temporarily disable extensions in Google chrome browser. Please follow below steps.
  • First step is to open 'tools' option.

  • Then select extension option.

  • Now you will be directed to extension page, here you should unmark the 'enable' option for a particular extension you want to disable temporarily.
  • You can disable the Google chrome extensions by

    1) Open tools option in chrome
    2) Select extensions and manually disable all extensions
    But this is a temporary method, next time you open chrome all extensions will be there for you. So, I prefer deleting them instead of disabling.

    Follow this method
    1) Download the free software Ccleaner.
    2) Run Ccleaner and select Tools
    3) Then click the startup icon
    4) From the above list select GOOGLE CHROME
    5) From there disable all the extension that you don't need.
    That's it problem solved.

  • It is very simple to disable the extensions for temporarily in Google Chrome Browser. You need to follow below steps to disable or enable the extensions in Google chrome.
    1. Open Google Chrome browser and Click on 'Customize and Control Google Chrome' Option from Right top corner.
    2. Select settings option and click on 'Extensions'
    3. Remove the tick from 'Enable' button for extensions that you want to disable for temporary. Later you and tick on 'Enable' button while activating extensions.
    You can directly open extension list in Google Chrome browser and do the chances.
    Type in the address bar chrome://extensions/ and press Enter button. It will show the list of installed extensions.

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