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  • Double tap to wakeup screen not working, tap to sleep screen is working properly

    Got your smartphone screen changed but double tap on the screen is not working as expected? Know from our experts what might have gone wrong and how to fix it.

    I have replaced my A30 screen, after that my mobile double tap to awake is not working. The screen sleeps after double tap, but does not awake, what is the possible solution? I already have flashed new ROM, double tap options are already activated but the screen does not awake. Can anyone please help?
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  • Please check these options in Setting and make the below changes if needed.
    1. Disable the Magnification option in the setting if it is enabled.
    2. Check if the zoom screen option is on?
    3. By any chance, if you have turned on the accessibility button, just turn it off.

  • Each option is enabled, and disabled as you suggested, still not working.

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