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    When buying a refurbished laptop for a student. Any advice?

    Is it worthwhile buying a 5 year old laptop? Will it work and is it worth the money that I will save not buying a new laptop? Let's see what the experts have to say.

    Is it worth buying a refurbished Elitebook HP laptop, made in 2017, core i5-7300u, new battery, 8GB ram, used for 3 years? 512 SSD storage? What advice could you give me in buying q decent laptop? Price range in euros? Theft insurance in the Netherlands? Warranty? Because I am clueless on whether to buy a second hand or brand new? I do not have much money, so I want to make the right decision. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Buying a refurbished laptop is not a bad option because it saves you a lot of money. Only thing is that it is better to buy it from a reputed outlet or a known source SSO that in case of any problem you can approach them for help. The people selling a refurbished laptop will give a warranty only for 6 months or like that. Sometimes keyboard is an issue in an old laptop and one should check it before buying the refurbished piece. If keyboard is working and all the letters and symbols are rightly coming on the screen when the appropriate key is pressed then keyboard is working properly.
    You can explore the option of taking a laptop on hiring basis for sometime till your financial condition becomes better for going for a new laptop. In some places cheaper hiring options are also available.

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