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    How I can use Desktop CPU's 500 GB harddisk as external storage and what device I would need to ru

    Want to use an SSD or HDD as storage with your Android smartphone? Know from our experts if it is possible and if yes, how to do so.

    My Pc's CPU's motherboard and power supply have burnt. There are many important data on the hard disk. So I want to use its hard disk as storage for movies and series for smartphones. If there are any devices without that CPU that can run and store data from Android phones and what's the cost?
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    Of course, you can connect your hard disk/SSD to an Android phone. To do that you need an OTG cable. But make sure your phone supports OTG connectivity. If not, still you can connect the HDD to any other laptop or desktop using an HDD SATA cable and copy the data. Later, you can copy the same files to your phone using a USB cable.
    The former method is an easier one compared to the latter one.

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