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    Which EV two wheeler brand is popular in India?

    Planning to purchase an EV but not sure which is the best EV bike to purchase? Know from our experts about their experience and how to narrow down to the right EV as per your needs.

    India is slowly and steadily moving towards Electric Vehicles and people are now thinking to buy EV two-wheelers. There are many options in the EV category available for customers. Ola, Bajaj, Hero MotoCrop and many companies are doing great in this EV segment. I want to know, which EV two wheeler brand is popular in India?
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    India is now an emerging market for Electric Vehicles, especially two-wheelers. Peoples are more into electric vehicles mainly because of the hike in oil prices and maintenance cost, not only that nowadays the price of an electric scooter is almost the same as a fuelled vehicle.

    A lot of companies are now in the electric scooter market. We can see some emerging companies such as Ather Energy, Pure EV, along with market leaders such as Hero Electric.

    Here I will list 3 leading electric scooter manufacturers.

    1. Hero Electric

    Hero is currently holding 35% of the E2W market in India. They launched their first lithium-ion battery-based scooter in 2017 and currently the company is serving in 325 cities with 600+ dealerships across India.

    2. Okinawa Autotech

    The second-largest manufactures of electric scooters in India with a market share of 20%, and 450 dealerships across the country.
    Okinawa is a Haryana-based company which is currently delivering 6 models such as i-Praise, Ridge Plus, R30, Lite, and Dual. They sold almost 30K units in 2021 and expect more in the upcoming years with more models waiting to be launched.

    3. Ather Energy

    A Bangalore-based company which becomes one of the top 25 EV OEMs. Ather is currently holding a market share of 11% in the E2W segment.
    They sold around 15K units in 2021. The company is also working on affordable e-scooters along with a fast charging network grid which holds their up stick demand.

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