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  • Air Conditioner cooling only if turned on after few hours

    Is your Air Conditioner not cooling intermittently? Know what could be the reasons of your Air Conditioner sometimes cooling the room and sometimes not.

    My air conditioner is cooling only if it is turned on after few hours. Say if I use my Air Conditioner from 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM and again turn it on by 9.30 PM then it is cooling perfectly alright. If I happened to turn it on by 7.30 PM use it for some time, turn it off and again turn it on by 9 PM, then it will blow dry air only without any cooling. In this case, even if I turn it on and off multiple times, I need to be lucky for it to start cooling again or it might start cooling it is turned in the morning. Whenever the indoor blows dry air, the outdoor unit is running but it is blowing out cold air. Whenever it starts cooling, I see no issue in cooling as long as it is not turned off. The technician has confirmed that there are no issues with the refrigerant and he isn't able to identify the problem since it works perfectly alright during his visit. What might be the reason for this weird behavior?
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  • Such a problem can only happen when some component is misbehaving or doing hide and seek type of thing. One doubt that we can have on a particular component is the thermostat switch which might have developed some contact resistance.
    Another area that can be looked at is the partial clogging in the cooling tubes which might be delaying the cooling.

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