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    How to Connect smartphone to dumb screen

    Want to connect your smartphone to a monitor or a dumb screen to use your smartphone as a computer with a complete setup of keyboard and mouse? Know if it is possible and if there are any drawbacks to doing this from our experts.

    I want to connect my Samsung G8 to a dumb screen with a VGA port on the back. So I would use a USB C to VGA cable which I can get from the store.

    I want to be able to work on my phone apps, using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and use the much larger screen, so I am not hunched over my phone.

    Does this idea make sense? What if any drawbacks do you see?

    I used an app on my phone to mirror the phone to the other screen but there was a very real delay because the phone signal had to go to the server and then back to the screen.

    If the phone and screen are hardwired to each other, will there be any noticeable delay?
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  • I think it is a great idea if you want a setup like you do. With a direct-wired connection, obviously, there won't be any delay. A smart TV would have given you the option of Screencast but since you are using a dumb screen, using a USB C to VGA cable is the next best thing.

    You will be connecting a keyboard and mouse as well using Bluetooth, I assume? If you smartphone can handle all the parallel processing, I believe you are on the right track and this would work out smoothly. The only doubt I have is whether smartphones are designed to support streams through USB C to VGA. Let us know how it goes.

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