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  • What is Google Map's local guide program? What is the ultimate star level for a local guide?

    Know from our experts about the Google Map's local guide program, how you can contribute, how to level up and if it gives you any benefits in return.

    Google Map has an interesting program for the volunteers who want to update or create various type of information in Google Map. This program is open to people worldwide and people enjoy updating data in it especially about shops, places etc. Depending upon the contributions the local guides get some points and some star ranking. What is the maximum star rating one can go up to? What about after getting the maximum rating? Does he/she get any other benefit from the Google Map site? Please share your knowledge about this program.
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  • You should have a Google account to become a local guide. The minimum age should be 18. Signing up as a Local guide is mandatory. companies and business accounts will not get approval as a local guide.

    In Google Local Guide, your level will be defined based on the quality of your added content.

    Google gives badges and perks to its local guides. local guides who meet the minimum drinking age in their place are sometimes invited to the meetups by the company.

    Government companies, public offices, and other trade prohibited countries or not approved into this program.

    The ultimate level of Google's local guide is 10 with 1,00,000 points.

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