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    System lockout - black screen - will not boot up

    Incredimail no longer working on your laptop after Microsoft update and want to know how to use it after installing the update? Check out our expert's suggestion on how you can again start using Incredimail without causing any harm to your OS.

    Hello everyone - I am desperate for help - I know that Incredimail has shut down however I was still successfully using it until I inadvertently allowed Microsoft to automatically download KB4577586 on my Acer Laptop which automatically removed Adobe Flash Player needed by Incredimail to operate. Microsoft says that this update cannot be uninstalled but before I discovered this information I allowed it to happen to my Surface Pro which I am now using. Anyway I searched the net and someone posted that if I downloaded Flash Player Pro 6.0 then I would get Incredimail back – I did this to Acer and at first for about 1 minute it worked – I opened my mail but unfortunately, I took a break and when I came back my system was totally GONE – the computer won't boot up – All I have on my Acer is a dark screen. I took it to a computer guy who has told me that all my info is still there however he can only rescue my docs and pics and to do that means new sys install. All my desperately needed emails along with other program information will still be there but I will be unable to access them. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how I can get it all back to where it was? I am hoping and praying someone can help me. – No I stupidly do not have a recent system backup of either machine & now Incredimail (which was working on here Surface Pro) will not work and I am too frightened to download Flash Player Pro 6.0 again in case it happens to this machine. I am desperate because Acer and in particular Incredimail holds VITAL INFORMATION that I desperately need. Thanks for listening or reading.
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  • There are some file retrieval programs or apps that are used by the professionals to dig out the old files from the hard disk. Hopefully, all your files would be there. This is a painstaking job to retrieve the old files from the hard disk and it has to be done one by one checking those files which will not have their original names and will have a new name something like file00001 etc.

    I will not recommend doing it oneself as some expert is to be consulted as there are many apps for that but which one will really work in your case is to be seen by some expert technical guy.
    Some of these apps are - Stellar Data Recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Disk Drill, Advanced Disk Recovery, MiniTool Power Data Recovery etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • 1. Remove the hard disk and connect it to other good working PC, externally.
    2. In order to do this, use a SATA cable.
    3. Start the good working PC. (i.e, the pc/Laptop to which you connected the corrupted hard disk externally.)
    4. Open file manager
    5. Here, you will see the external hard disk drives labeled " new volume (E)" or something similar.
    6. Scan all the new drives.
    7. After the successful scan, open the new volumes and copy the important files to the good working pc.

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