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  • What you do when the battery of your good phone is not available?

    Know what to do with your smartphones whose batteries run dry and you can't find their replacement. Can you run them with their adaptor always connected? Read on to know more.

    Many people might have experienced this in their lives that they have a very good phone purchased hardly 2-3 years back and it gives good service for at least the coming 3-4 years. Then suddenly the battery goes bad and they find that it is not available in the market and if something is available then it is either fake, duplicate, or dry (not working). I do not say that it happens with all the models but most of the times this situation is there. In such a situation we are compelled to buy a new phone. Is there any way that we can use our phone if not like a mobile but just as a standby device in the home by using some low voltage powers supply or eliminator type of thing so that at least it works in that stationery position. Any ideas, please share.
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  • It is a common problem nowadays. After a few years of usage, mobile batteries will fail to give their best. They either get more heated or drain very soon. Excessive usage could be the main reason behind it. Moreover, people do not charge them to 100%, on average, after charging for an hour or a half, they will disconnect and start checking.

    Every year, there will be a hundred, thousands of mobiles from various models will be out, so, manufacturers think of stopping the productions of old models as well as spare parts. And, if any user faces issues and wants to replace the battery or other parts, more likely he or she will get disappointed knowing that spares are no more available. Lately, all smartphones are coming with non –removable batteries, replacing it has become a difficult thing.

    I think I will go for a new mobile phone since using the defective one while charging is not feasible and one cannot stick to the charger all the time. Carrying a power bank along could be a solution but it is not that comfortable for me.

    But, using the phone only inside the home, in a particular room can be done; connecting the phone all the time to a plug point is not an issue. It can be treated like a home number, an alternative for a land phone.

  • Thanks for your response. I also enquired about this with some local technicians who are experienced in mobile repair. It seems due to some technical reasons it is not possible to connect the mobile to an external source using two wires and in most of the models, it is not so simple as multiple connections are there in the battery output side. So, it appears more complicated than as I thought it earlier. In analogy, we can use our laptop directly on mains even without a battery and that inspired me to post this query here. Anyway thanks for your input.

    Knowledge is power.

  • @Umesh sir, you are welcome.

  • This issue is now the most common one and another way to compel people to buy a new phone. Nowadays phones come with battery encased inside with no way to open them and self replace it. The only way is to take the help of an experienced mobile repair technician. This way consumption has increased as well as wastage too.

    I have also faced this situation and instead of selling the phone at a dirt-cheap price of Rs. 1500 or Rs. 2000, I prefer to keep them with me. Now I use them as a backup phone for receiving or making calls only or give it to my kid with preloaded videos.
    The best way to extend battery life is to use it less or put less load on it. Few things that can be done to extend the battery life of the already drained battery is as follows:

    1. Stop using the internet on the phone, if it is a smartphone. You can anyway use it for calling purposes. Switching off the mobile data will extend battery life by a minimum of 2 hours.

    2. Uninstall unnecessary apps and games, if any, to reduce the background process and load on the phone processor.

    3. Set screen brightness to a minimum.

    4. Stop the auto sync process for mails and other apps.

    Follow the above steps and your phone will last the whole day for calling purposes. Switching off mobile data may seem a bit overrated but the same functions use most of your mobile battery.

    Buying a new phone and that too at an average price is the best way, as most of the mobile no matter how expensive will lose their battery power in a matter of 2 to 3 years. So buy according to your need and budget.

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