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    How to put slideshow in a blog post

    Too many images make the post look lengthy and giving a bad UX to your viewers? Know from our experts how to curate your multiple images in your blog and how to put them in a slideshow format.

    Hi friends,

    I run a blog that is related to Maths tricks. So, I need to put steps to follow in .jpg format. When I post them line-wise the post becomes lengthy. So I want some help to put jpg files in a slideshow manner so that viewers have a good view and they don't occupy much space as well.

    Any other suggestions are also welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
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    This is how you can run a slideshow on your blogger.

    1.If you do not have a Blogger account, please create one. Click on the blog you want to use the slideshow on after logging in.
    2.In the drop-down menu of your blog's options, you will find a "Layout" option. The "Add a Gadget" field shows you a list of all the blogger gadgets.
    3.To open the slideshow configuration page, scroll down the list of gadgets and click "Slideshow".
    4.Title the slideshow. To set a speed, choose an option from the Speed drop-down menu. For random display, check the "Randomize Images" box.
    5.Choose a source from the drop-down menu for your slideshow images. Blogger automatically creates Google Picasa Web Albums. There are also options to select images based on keywords, sub-albums, and users.
    Now, click the "Save" button. Slideshows can be modified later.


    1. you can add HTML and CSS codes.
    2.Register as a Blogger user.
    3.To add a gadget to an existing layout, select 'Add a Gadget'
    4.Choose 'HTML/Javascript
    5.You can put a code similar to the following link here:

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