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    What is free software available for document management system?

    Know the best document management software to use in your business to save and manage documents in a digitized format.

    Which free software is available for document management system in which we can save documents in digital format to avoid saving paper documents? This software should be installed on each Windows PC and it should save all documents to the database of the centralised server in the office premises via the LAN network.
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  • Digital document management is a very important aspect of any workplace and is related to the productivity and efficiency of the work. It is imperative that storing the documents properly in an ordered way is the need of the business houses. There are many advantages obtained by this management and the primary one is the quick access of past documents and data whenever a need arises.

    Many free apps are available for this management and one has to use them to see their full features as one app may differ from another in some respect. Some of the popular free apps in this area are -
    OpenDocMan, OpenKM, SeedDMS, Papermerge, Krystal DMS, Mayan EDMS, Kimios, Nuxeo, Rubex etc.

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