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    How to configure multiple mail IDs in Gmail App on Android mobile phone?

    Know how to configure multiple Google accounts on your smartphone. See our experts explain how to switch between these accounts on Google apps like Gmail.

    How to configure multiple mail IDs in the Gmail app on an Android mobile phone? How to set the default mail ID in Gmail App so that mail replies will go automatically via the same default mail account.
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    What is Gmail?
    Known as Gmail, Google Mail is a free email service that was introduced by Google. Over the Internet, you can send and receive mail. Multiple users can also receive emails at the same time. Google Mail is a Webmail service.

    Mobile devices can access Gmail via an application and from the Web. Third-party programs are also available for accessing Gmail. These programs synchronize email content using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP (Post Office Protocol).

    How to add a Gmail account?
    1. Go to your Android device's Gmail application.
    2. Right-click on your profile picture.
    3. Click Add another account.
    4. Add a new account by choosing a type.

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