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    How to check laptop battery status?

    Laptop power backup running out too soon and laptop shutting down without any prior warning? Know how to check the health of your laptop battery and when is the time to replace it.

    Laptop battery is become weak day by day and it is not giving a sufficient backup. Even laptop is sometime switching off automatically without getting any indication of battery low. How to check whether the laptop battery is in good condition and bad condition so that it can be replaced if found not in good condition.?
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    Generally, in windows operating system in a laptop one can check the battery condition by opening Windows File Explorer and selecting the C drive. One can find the battery life report saved as an HTML file. It would be inside some folder like 'power' or 'system' or 'battery' etc and one has to sesrch for it in these folders. One can open this file and can see the details about the battery health as on that time. There will be information about the battery condition and also whether that requires a replacement. One can make out about the battery condition from these details.

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