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    Will the LG WH16NS40 Bluray/DVD Writer suit for my PC

    PC Configuration :
    Processor: core2 duo
    Motherboard: Mercury ME31PX 4GB
    Graphics card: ASUS Nvidia GT710
    Cabinet: Intex
    Windows: 8.1 Pro 64 bit

    I need to know if the LG make `WH16NS40' Bluray/DVD writer will suit for above PC Spec.
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  • Yes. This LG Bluray-DVD writer will suit your PC. It supports operating systems Win XP, Win Vista™, WIn 7, Windows 8. Your system has Windows 8.1 and this drive will work on the same. It is an internal drive and can be used externally as well by using a casing with a USB drive port.

  • The LG WH16NS40 Bluray/DVD Writer is compatible with the mentioned ASUS PC. There is no problem on that account. You can go ahead with that combination and install the DVD writer in your PC.

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