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  • Feasibility of running a laptop on its battery charger

    Is your laptop battery dead and you are wondering if you can run your laptop just with the help of your laptop adapter? Know the answer to this question from our experts.

    I am having an old Apple Macbook laptop. Its battery has gone dead and not picking up charging. I am in a process of getting a new battery which would take time. Meanwhile I tried to use it on the mains using its battery charger. It is working fine but the device is heating more than when its battery was good. Can someone suggest or advise whether we can use the laptop on mains using the battery charger of the device or not. Is there any implication?
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  • Without a battery, a Macbook will run at a much slower speed. It provides enough power for most works except heavy ones. It will consume less power since the MacBook does not have a battery to avoid crashing. You may see flickering display or heat issues as well. If the old battery is swollen, it is better to remove it immediately to avoid it from exploding. Installing a new battery will be a permanent solution.

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