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  • How to hard reset Redmi 8A mobile?

    Know how you can hard reset your Redmi 8A smartphone from our experts.

    I have Redmi 8A mobile phone bought from Flipkart. Can someone tell me how to hard reset Redmi 8A mobile? Is the process the same for Redmi 8A Dual mobile phone too? Please help by giving step by step procedure. Hope it's easy and won't take much time. I am not tech-savvy.
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  • Before going for a hard reset, it is better to backup your files. for this, you can connect to an external hard disk and copy the important files and photos. in addition, you can sync contacts and calendar events to your Google account also.
    steps involved in resetting your phone:
    1. Go to setting
    2. Scroll down to the end
    3. You will see something like "erase all data" or factory reset
    4. Click "OK"

    The display will go blank, few seconds later you will see it restarting. Now, everything will start from the beginning, as if you are using a new phone.

  • The process is very simple, but before doing a hard reset, make sure that you've backed up everything. Files can be backed up to a laptop or desktop OR can be saved to an external drive. Contacts, Calender events and WhatsApp chats can be backed up to your Google Account.

    Now, on to the resetting process.

    i) Within the OS

    1. Open Settings
    2. Navigate to About Phone
    3. Navigate to Backup and Reset
    4. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Erase all data (factory reset).
    5. Tap on Delete all data.
    6. Provide security pattern and confirm
    You're Done!!!!

    ii) Alternate Method (Recovery Mode)
    This method is handy when you forget your PIN/Pattern or can't get into the operating system

    1. Turn off your Phone Completely
    2. Press and hold Volume UP and POWER to boot into Recovery Menu
    3. Select 'Wipe Data'
    4. Now select 'Wipe All Data'
    5. Click Confirm to start the reset process
    6. After that's done, go to Main Menu and select Reboot
    7. Finally select Reboot system now to exit recovery mode.
    You're Done!!!!

    NOTE: Process will be same on almost all Xiaomi Phones

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