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    How to Disable voWiFi carrier check on Motorola Devices?

    Know from our experts how you can disable voWiFi carrier service of Motorola devices.

    I have a Motorola smartphone (Motorola one action to be specific), which does support WiFi calling but unfortunately, the carrier I use i.e. Airtel doesn't have my device in their voWiFi supported device list. Back in the day, when I was using a Redmi y2, It also supported voWiFi but Airtel didn't give support to it but I was able to use voWiFi on the y2 with airtel by disabling voWiFi carrier check. Now, I am not able to do it on my current Motorola One Action (which is my current daily driver). Is there any way to disable voWifi Carrier check on the same?
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    here are the steps to enable/disable VoWIFI on your Motorola device.
    1. go to the Apps
    2. select the Settings
    3. click on Network & Internet
    4. open Advanced Calling.
    5. Select Wi-Fi Calling.
    6. Press Switch on or Switch off.
    If you are enabling it for the first time,
    You can proceed after reading the Terms & Conditions by clicking CONTINUE.
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