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  • Which VPN service/app is best for safeguarding my browsing activity.

    Want to know how to select the best VPN application? Know how VPN services work and which factors you should consider while selecting the right VPN service for yourself.

    I want to know which VPN app is best for securing my browsing activity. Also, I want to know whether the service provider or the search engine knows about the browsing history as data is exchanged between sites.

    How exactly VPN functions, please explain in layman's language and not in very technical terms.
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  • VPN or virtual private network that protects your network traffic when you connect to the public networks. It hides your identity when connected by applying encryption, using a virtual tunnel. When you are connected to a VPN, third parties cannot track your online activities and your interests. By using a VPN, you can change your geographical location to some other countries. It also changes your IP address. Due to all these features of VPN, your online surfing becomes more secure. Even your ISP (internet service provider) like Airtel, JIO, etc. cannot know what exactly you are browsing and it makes it harder to know the websites you are visiting and sell your interests like your favorite place to visit, things you would like to purchase, etc, to other advertising companies and make money.

    Which one is called a good VPN?
    In my opinion, a good VPN should allow you to connect to more different locations, and it should be quick to connect and work much faster. Having very few ads or ad-free. it is better if it has multi-factor authentication like a password to open or finger scan, etc.

    How to use a VPN on a PC?
    1. By using a VPN client software
    2. By using as a browser extension in chrome or firefox

    How to use a VPN on a mobile phone?
    1. Using a VPN application: follow below steps
      1. Go to the Google Play Store
      2. Type VPN
      3. From the list, download a VPN app like "secure VPN"," thunder VPN" etc
      4. Install and run the app
      5. Choose desired country/region from the option menu
      6. Open a browser and start surfing securely
    2. Using a VPN enabled browser software
      1. Go to Google Play Store
      2. Search for opera browser or aloha etc.
      3. Download and install the app
      4. Once done, open the app
      5. Go to setting
      6. Click on enable VPN
      7. Start browsing

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