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  • How should we see the rising level of technology?

    In the 21st century, we have become familiar with many technologies till now. In today's time, all the technology that we have is present, so that we can take ourselves forward. Today, with the help of this technology, we are coming and doing many discoveries. Is this right for us on this growing technology. It maybe possible that in future we are pushed into darkness by this.
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  • Technology is advancing at a great pace. There is absolutely no doubt about that phenomenon. It would definitely be going ahead with the same pace in the future and maybe more than that. If we take care of our environment and suppress the evil elements which are creating havoc in the internet space through virus and other malware, then there is no reason why we will be drawn in the dark space in future. With the advancements in space technology along with the developments in software and hardware, there is no surprise if human beings start human colonies on the planets in our solar system like Mars.

    The only care we have to take is that the advanced weapons and arsenals should not go into the wrong hands who have no interest in scientific and technological pursuits and simply want to rule the Earth in their own cruel and barbaric ways.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Digital technologies offer tremendous potential for improving productivity and economic growth as well as creating new and better jobs to replace old ones.

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