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    VLC player Error: code 401 'Unauthorised' (200)

    Know from our experts how you can resolve the problem of Status Code 401 (Unauthorized) in VLC Player while downloading subtitles.

    I use VLC player for watching movies and videos. Many times I download old English movies to watch on VLC. One of the function of VLC is VLsub under the menu tab which helps me download relevant subtitles for the movie.

    I recently faced an error while downloading subtitle on VLC and got the below error:

    Error: code 401 'Unauthorised' (200).

    Even after many attempts the same did not resolve. I even trying updating the VLC player but it did not help. I am using 3.0.11 Vetinari version on VLC.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    This could happen due to various reasons and one has to go through the experiences of other users in this matter. What I can suggest is that there are some good VLC discussion forums in the internet where one can start a fresh thread or find out the existing solutions provided by the forum members. It is worth trying. One such forum site which I had referred earlier for some problem in VLC is -

    Knowledge is power.

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