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  • What to do with old Mobile phones - Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Moto G 5S Plus

    Have a lot of old smartphones lying in your cupboard and not sure what to do with them? Know from our experts what good use can you make of them or how to get the best price out of them and put them for sale.

    I have 2 smartphones lying with me, one is Sony Xperia Z ultra and the other is Moto G5S plus. Both are in working condition but I do not use them for my normal use and have kept them in my cupboard.

    Their screen had broken which I got repaired but the clarity and touch of original screen was lost so I purchased a new Nokia 8.1 at a very reasonable price and have put the other 2 as backup. I even tried to sell them to the shopkeeper from where I got it repaired but he was hardly paying Rs.2000 for each, so I denied selling it to him and brought it back to put it to some other use.

    Now since then, I have not found a good use for them till now, I am asking technical persons to advice me on the same.
    Can anyone who has put their old smartphone to good use share his advice with me here.
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  • If the battery is in good condition then one can use them as back up for calling purposes or even storing of some valuable data. It can also be used as an extra camera in your travel bag. In fact, there is no resale value for these old phones and one would hardly get Rs 1000 to 2000 for them, no matter how good condition they might be in.

    One thing which most of the people do and I have also done is give it to the shopkeeper at the time of buying a new phone and because of their selling of a new phone sometimes they give quite a good discount.

    Knowledge is power.

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