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    My hatchback - Maruti Suzuki Swift pickup is not good on acceleration

    Facing issue in the pickup speed of your car and servicing it not solving the problem? Know from our experts how to get revert the pickup speed of your car like what you had when you bought it.

    I have Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback car brought in the year 2015. When the car was new, its pickup was really good, even a little acceleration gave it good speed and it felt that the car is pretty light and fast, but now I do not get the same acceleration as before and the pickup seems a little hard when I drive the car.

    I have always got my car serviced regularly and from an authorized service center only but, still this problem has crept up. I had even told the service guys to check for the issue but they couldn't do anything.

    Anyone with knowledge of same can throw some light so that I can get it repaired and get the original power of engine. My car has hardly run 40,000 kms in 5 years, so there is no issue of overuse.
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  • The main thing on which the pick up of a car depends is tuning of the engine. The mechanic does it with their set of procedure and tools. Even if there is some error in fuel and air mixing, the efficiency would go down. So the fuel injector system and air filter these are two areas which would require meticulous attention by the mechanic. Another thing is the firing of pistons in the engine in the correct timing sequence which is checked by the mechanic using some specialised procedure. I think these areas would require review by the mechanic while troubleshooting.

    Knowledge is power.

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