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  • Shift key not working on Asus VivoBook with OS Windows 10

    What to do if the shift key on your keyboard is not working. Know the solution to this problem from our experts.

    I have Asus VivoBook and have been using it for last 1 year. Today all of sudden one of the shift key stopped working. The left side shift key is not working but the right shift key is working fine.

    I have tried updating the keyboard drivers but I get the message that I have the latest driver update on my device.
    I even tried updating the system itself to get the latest driver and I did get the recent Windows 10 version 2004 update but still, the problem persists.

    Is this a software issue or hardware? Any advice regarding the same will be of immense help as it becomes very tiresome to work with a single shift key.
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  • For any keyboard be it on a laptop or attached to a desktop, if partial keys on it stop working, usually, there is no solution other than to replace the keyboard. The connection between the plastic button above and the circuit below is broken due to some reason. You can try checking for any obstruction below the key and blowing air at a high pressure using a vacuum cleaner. If it is obstruction it will be removed and your key might start working normally.

    If that doesn't work, you need to replace the keyboard. It is definitely not a software issue.

  • I have experienced this issue in my old laptop when after the rainy season I found that some keys were not working. I tried to dry it with hot air dryer and kept in the Sun also for some time but I could revive only one of them and the other two did not work. I kept it for drying for some more time but no result and finally I had to go for a new keyboard. Individual key wise repair is not feasible in these keyboards and we have to go for replacement of the whole unit.

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  • This is a hardware issue and if you are using a membrane keyboard on your laptop then you will surely have to replace it completely as on membrane keyboards all the keys are with direct contact of the membrane placed below the keys and when so over any key is pressed it then hits the membrane and then the circuit is completed and PC recognizes which key is pressed.

    If a similar case would have happened on a mechanical keyboard then you could eject that key and properly check the surface below it if there's any object stuck below it which is creating problems.

    Things you can do now:

    1. Use a hairdryer and try to clean the surface below the shift key if possible. If any tiny object or particle is stuck under the key then it could be removed.

    2. Shift key is not of much use, as in my case I use the shift key only to capitalize a letter which could also be done by caps lock key, so if similar is the case with you then you can save some money until some more time before buying a new keyboard only because one single key is not functioning.

    3. A pro tip here would be to save a little more money and buy a mechanical keyboard this time.


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