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    How to Optimise to drive traffic

    Know from our experts how you can optimise your website from Jobs and Recruitment niche. Learn how you can provide valuable content and guidance to your visitors and improve your reader base.

    I have recently started a website which is in Job and Recruitment Niche. Here is the site I am working on this from few months and still i am trying my best. What are the rules and strategy I should implement on this site so that I can work for long time. I want to create a valuable product which will give value to visitors. So please suggest me how I can grow in less time with more traffic and brand presence as well.
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  • You have selected a good area as there is always a rush for jobs and vacancies. This type of niche site requires a two-fold strategy. One is to load the latest jobs for information and then help the candidates by replying their queries regarding that particular job that he or she is applying. You can either design a question-answer format where others can also take advantage of it or you can do it in a chat mode also. If you want to do it in chat mode then it requires a lot of homework as you have to prepare the answers to all the queries which the candidate might ask in connection with applying for that job. If you can handle a few cases successfully then the message would spread among the students etc at a fast pace and you can expect good future traffic to your site.

    Please note that bringing a site to a niche level is always a difficult task but one can achieve it with hard work. Treat each and every visitor to your site as a prospective customer.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You have chosen a good topic which will be searched by lakhs of people who are interested in government jobs. Such websites need to be updated on daily basis with genuine information. These days due to COVID exam dates are being postponed. As a blogger, I suggest publicizing your page on every social networking sites with updated info. post about your page on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Inform about the page to your friends and family. On Whatsapp group, you can help them with the link. Help with previous question papers as well. Free study material links. Keywords play a major role in blogging. Give the most searched words to get the website visited. Interact with your viewers frequently so that they would subscribe to your page.

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