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  • Cinema hd application not working?

    Are you unable to watch new movies on your Cinema HD application? Does it crash on start a new movie and using the latest version is also not solving the problem? Know from our experts the steps to solve this problem.

    Hi everybody,

    - Recently, I am unable to watch new movies on my Cinema HD application. Even though opening the app is still opening normally, but when clicking on any new movie, it will close the application. That phenomenon never happened to the old movies I watched.
    - I deleted and downloaded a new version of Cinema HD but it still happens.
    Can someone who has encountered such a case and have a fix please can guide me ??
    - I have just consulted the article on how to solve this problem:

    Thanks all!
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  • In streaming apps like Cinema HD sometimes these problems happen and there could be different reasons for the same. One thing which normally we do is to uninstall the present app and install the new latest version. That you have already done. Now let us try some other things like -

    1. Check the speed of the internet at your device.
    2. Check whether particular content is prohibited or restricted by your service provider in that area. Sometimes it happens.
    3. Though you are able to see the old movies which might be having small size as compared to the new ones so have a look on your phone storage and RAM. It could be insufficient.

    Knowledge is power.

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