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    Is VPN enough to hide your Identity on Internet?

    Know from our experts what more you need to do in addition to using a VPN to hide your identity online. Is a VPN all you need to protect your privacy or something more is required.

    VPN is used to hide your identity or to switch through servers. Sometimes VPN is used to access the banned website in a particular area and we could do this by switching servers using VPN. There are different VPN available to use but I would like to know is VPN enough to hide your identity or there are some other options also available in hand to use?

    Though VPN virtually hides the IP (Internet Protocol address) which is allotted to every Internet user and is unique at a time but I don't think that VPN alone is enough to hide your identity and could be rely for your safety. What are your views on this?
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  • VPN can hide your IP address and actual location. but, it is not sufficient. Alternatively, you can use a browser like tor browser or onion browser. and, If you browse in Incognito mode with VPN enabled, that doubles your privacy.

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