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    Please suggest a good earphone in medium price range for daily use

    Know from our audiophiles how to select the best earphones for your daily use which provide the best audio quality while making sure you don't degrade your listening capacity.

    We are using earphones (earbuds) for hearing songs or communicating with others in person and it is a useful accessory. It is said that we should use good quality earphones not only to have a good sound listening experience but also it should not damage our ears in any way. Can you suggest some good quality earphones in the medium price range which are good in performance and durable in their use? Is there any appreciable difference between the branded one and non branded one. Is it necessary to go for a branded one?
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    There was a time when it used to happen that, whenever we used to buy a smartphone the accessories always had a branded earphone with it. The earphone used to be not only good in quality but also durable ones. But now days except for the premium mobiles none of the smartphone companies provide an earphone along with the mobile you purchase and hence buying a new earphone has become a necessity as long duration talks on mobile or for listening to music is not possible on the mobile.

    I also faced a similar problem and wanted to buy a mid range earphone. I had in past, for sake of saving money purchased cheap local earphone from offline market and ended up having headache. I had to throw away the same. I had then made it clear to myself to buy a branded earphone only.

    I will suggest only 2 earphones which I have used personally.

    I had used Sony earphones which came with Sony Xperia Z Ultra mobile and were pretty good and were still working fine until my daughter damaged it. It lasted over 6 years and had great sound quality. As of now the minimum starting price of Sony earphone would be around Rs. 800.

    The other earphone which I am currently using is of bOAT brand. It is a fairly new company but the only one in market which is actually providing a warranty of 1 year in case of any issue you face with the ear piece.

    The models of both are as below:
    1. Sony: Sony MDR-EX150 Wired Headphone, price around Rs.800
    2. bOAT: boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Super Extra Bass, in-line Mic, Hawk Inspired Design, price around Rs.375-400.

    Quality wise Sony is superior and so is the price. But the bOAT brand earphone I am using is also good as the wire are of good quality and they don't get entangled every time you use them. Sound quality of bOAT is also fair and you will not face any issues.

    Both of these are wired earphone. You will also get wire free, bluetooth earphones but they useful based on your need.
    I personally don't prefer them, as charging them every time after use bothers me. Already the mobile, laptop are to be charged twice daily and in addition, I don't want to add another gadget that needs charging every now and then.

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