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    How to use the rupee symbol in Logitech keyboard?

    Are you using a Logitech keyboard and wondering how to add the rupee symbol using your Logitech keyboard while typing? Know how you type the Indian Rupee symbol by using the Logitech keyboard.

    I use a Logitech wireless keyboard for my laptop. Can someone tell me how to use the rupee symbol in Logitech keyboard? I cannot find any button on the keyboard for Rupee symbol. I am into the finance field so I need to use it frequently. Currently, I use copy and paste. Please help.
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  • You have to go to the language settings in the control panel of your desktop computer and select the language as English (Indian). Once you select it then while working in MS word you can insert symbols from the MS word local symbol library and select the rupee symbol from there. Alternatively, you can press CTRL + ALT + 4 to accomplish that as pressing them would create the rupee symbol. If it does not work then you can go to the Microsoft fonts site on the internet and download the fonts file where it contains rupee symbol also. You can even search Google for these fonts and download them and install them in your computer. Please give feedback in this regard so that if it does not work we can think of some advanced methods like updating the windows or MS office for these symbols.

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  • There are two ways to achieve this. First-way is to find the symbol yourself on WORD/EXCEL. Theis second way to achieve it is to use the rupee symbol is to press the keys, CTRL + SHIFT + 4.

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