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  • Which is the best engine oil for Jupiter?

    Know from our automobile experts which is the best engine oil for TVS Jupiter Scooter. Know from where you can buy it online and how to do the engine oil change by yourself.

    I need to replace engine oil of my TVS Jupiter bike. Can you tell me which is the best engine oil for Jupiter? Which brands are authorized by TVS to be used in the scooter? Can I buy it online at a discounted price than the MRP? Please help me with this urgently.
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  • There are some good brands like Motul, Castrol etc and one can buy them from online stores like Amazon or Flipkart etc. The most common and effective engine oil recommended for bikes like Jupiter are in the specification range 10 W 30 to 10 W 50. Here, the first number in 10 W 30/50 means that it has a viscosity of 10 in cold conditions and 30 or 50 in hot condition. So the oil in this range is suitable for these type of bikes.

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