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    Which is the best air filter for Activa?

    Know from our automobile experts about the best air filter for Honda Activa. Know from where you can buy the best air filter for Honda online and how to install it by yourself.

    I need to replace air filter of my Honda Activa bike. Can you tell me the best air filter for Activa? Can it be bought online? What is the approximate charge of the best quality air filter available in the market? How to install air filter for Activa at home without going to the mechanic. Please guide.
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    There are some brands which are available in online as well as in local auto market. As on date some of them are available in Flipkart. I tried to check with Amazon also but they do not have the stock right now. May be one has to wait for a few days if one has to buy from Amazon only.

    Some of these as available in Flipkart and details are as follows -
    1. Pa bike filter - around Rs 300.
    2. ACCESSOREEZ bike Air Filter - around Rs 400.
    3. UNI bike air filter - around Rs 1000.

    If you have some little technical hand then changing the filter is not a big deal. Generally there will be a round gear clamp which can be loosened or tightened just using a screw driver. Once this clamp is tightened, dust would not go in and only air through filter would go to the engine. You would get the above mentioned ring clamp along with the new filter and can discard the old one. After removing the old filter, new filter is to be slided in that groove along with the clamp by loosening the clamp and then tightening it. In case you feel there is some gap or loose fitting just put a few rounds of Teflon tape along the circumference before tightening the clamp.

    Knowledge is power.

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